Real Estate Professionals

Our Mission: To provide a platform that ensures incredible growth in your business, by becoming the most valuable person in the lives of your clients, as it relates to real estate and finance

As a Real Estate Professional, the most valuable thing you can invest in is your clients long term success and financial well-being.  By being a member of The Art of HomeownershipTM, you’ll have the ability to be one of the most valuable people in the lives of your clients, as it relates to real estate and finance.

We believe that the future of this industry is going to be a clear choice between whether you want to be the cheapest option, or the most valuable option, for your clients and we believe that the value based mortgage professionals will win.  Why? Because your clients deserve it and will start to demand it once they know what they are missing.

To learn more about the "10 Most Important Aspects of Your Business” and how The Art of Homeownership can help you perform at a high level of on each of them, fill out the information below. Also, scroll down to see the 10 areas of your business where we are excited to help your business grow!

10 Benefits to the Real Estate Professional

We know that there is a big difference between just owning a home and being a successful homeowner. Our commitment is to help our clients to become successful homeowners, in every sense of the word, now and for years into the future.

  1. Increased Conversion
    • Learn how the platform will help you earn more business at a higher level, by being the most valuable person in the life of your clients, as it relates to real estate and finance. 
  2. Database Engagement 
    • Stop just marketing to your clients with no value to them.  Start engaging with them at a high level and show them proactive and life changing value. 
  3. Enhanced Lead Generation 
    • Adopt EVERYONE as a client.  We’re only helping the 1% of people who want to buy, sell or finance a home right now.  Now we can adopt the other 99% of people who will buy, sell or finance a home in the future.  Find out how to get every client to refer you multiple other clients, every time!
  4. More consistent and meaningful mortgage professional partnerships 
    • Do you consider your mortgage professionals to be partners, or are they just resources that help your clients when they need a loan?  Develop a synergistic partnership with a mortgage professional that will give you a distinct separation between you and the competition.  This business works much better with a cohesive team between the real estate agent and mortgage lender, where both are driving a unique and incredible level of value.  
  5. Alternative Business Partner Acquisition 
    • How closely do you work with CPA’s, Financial Planners, Estate Planning Attorney’s and others, to help more clients with their real estate and financing goals?  With the Art of Homeownership platform, not only will you find more business by working in partnership with these professionals, but your clients will be the beneficiaries of it! 
  6. Corporate Affiliations
    • Stop asking to be the preferred agent for companies and start offering all of the employees a suite of services, at no cost, that will be extremely valuable to them and to the employer!
  7. Direct to Consumer Capabilities
    • Is your business mainly based on referrals and repeat business?  More people should know about you and how you can help them. Get people to reach out to you to help them better understand if they should buy, sell or finance a home, before they decide that on their own. 
  8. New Market Penetration 
    • As a real estate professional, we know that you may have challenges in any market, based on home values, demographics and the size of your market.  Find out how the Art of Homeownership platform can help you transcend your market and how you can help new clients and partners in other markets that you want to be in. 
  9. Succession Planning 
    • How long do you want to work?  Have you put a plan in place to be able to sell your real estate practice when you want to retire?  Find out how becoming an Art of Homeownership partner will allow you to continue to serve your clients and partners, all while earning income in your retirement years. 
  10. Systematized Business Model 
    • Looking at the previous nine components of your business (above), do you feel like you have a platform in place that helps you in each of these areas, or are you having to try and concentrate on all of these individually?  If so, how’s that working for you?