Relocation Technology

Accomplish a stress-free move with one, easy to use application

Thinking about everything that needs to be done when moving from home to home can be overwhelming. From renting a truck and hiring moving services, to forwarding your mail and setting up new utilities, there is so much to do! Our relocation technology helps you figure out what to tackle first, keep track of what needs to get done, and even compare, order, and reserve professional services all in one place!

Prepare for moving day and get acclimated in your new home all through one, easy to use application. Our relocation technology makes it simple to:

  • Reserve moving labor services

  • Set up TV, Internet, and utilities

  • Secure homeowner's insurance

  • Update your address and forward your mail

  • Install home security

  • Learn more about your new neighborhood

  • Get exclusive money-saving offers

Moving used to be a daunting task, but lucky for Art of Homeownership members, our toolkit comes equipped! Take your move and break it down into bite-sized, manageable tasks that you can handle quickly, easily, and all in one convenient place.